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Warriors forward Kevin Durant responds to yet another fan on Instagram

Kevin Durant

It’s the dog days of summer, so expect some NBA players to stay on social media more often than when the league’s schedule is on.  Some, though, may have to put their phone down and take a break from the internet a bit because the habit doesn’t seem to help them enjoy their break –  and keep a wholesome image.

Take for example two-time NBA champion, two-time NBA Finals MVP, former league MVP, and Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant, who, despite his elevated stature, countless accomplishments on the court, and millions in his bank account, seems to be having trouble ignoring his social media attackers.

A mere day after a part-hilarious and part-concerning social media joust with a teenager, Kevin Durant is back at it again.

See, someone, presumably older than Durant’s previous detractor, sent an Instagram message to the forward suggesting that Stephen Curry is the true leader of the Warriors and the No. 1 reason why the team is winning championships. Instead of scrolling down or just letting it pass, Durant chose to give his critic a piece of his mind.

Kevin Durant

Durant has a reason to feel insulted by the message, but he should have known better. The internet is home to a host of vile, negative folks who say and do anything to coax vile and negative reactions from celebrities.

In any case, Durant has now taken down the façade that used to reflect his mild-mannered ways. The version of Durant the people are seeing today appears to be as much of a killer when he’s on the court as he is on social media.

Durant needs a chill pill — or perhaps a sip of bathwater?