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Klay Thompson KO’s ex-Warriors teammate on IG over Manny Pacquiao

Klay Thompson Warriors Jonas Jerebko Manny Pacquiao

Nobody better mess with Klay Thompson. The Golden State Warriors star is already a massive 6-foot-7 human being who towers over 99% of the human population. But now he’s got boxing lessons with multi-titled boxing champion Manny Pacquiao under his belt.

Both the Filipino southpaw and the Warriors sharpshooter took to social media to share their experience. They even admitted to an epic crossover, with Klay supposedly in tow to share his shooting skills to Manny Pacquiao sometime in the future.



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Klay Thompson didn’t take long to show off some of his newfound KO ability, but he did so on the virtual realm. Thompson hit his former Warriors teammate Jonas Jerebko with a pretty decent blow on Instagram.

Maaaring Twitter screenshot ng text na nagsasabing 'klaythompson Manny told me he' d teach me how to fight if teach him how to shoot think that's a fair deal Thanks for letting me watch you work @mannypacquiao Ihaven't been that juiced leaving the gym in a long time! #ANTAgang jonasjerebko you boxing at? 247 likes Where the video of Reply lew1 klaythompson @jonasjerebko you can view it atwww.jonasisanidiot.com 469 likes Reply'

No mercy from Klay Thompson in the comments there. Perhaps the aggression from the ring sparring resonated with the Warriors star, and he was still in a fighting mood. Jerebko definitely caught a stray there, given that he was simply asking for some #content from his old running mate.

But knowing Thompson, he’s probably just joking around with the one-time Warriors forward. Take that anger out on the court when you get back, Klay.