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Klay Thompson poses beside a crying LeBron James photo at parade

LeBron James, Klay Thompson, Mychal Thompson

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson didn’t disappoint with his celebratory antics.

While the no-shirt brothers JaVale McGee and Nick Young got rookie Jordan Bell to follow their trend, the phenomenon of #ParadeKlay was in full force on Tuesday morning, even posing with a FatHead cutout of a meme-worthy Crying LeBron James.

The Warriors have had three parades in the last four years, but somehow have managed to make every one of them memorable and that much more exciting than the other.

While nothing will replace the feeling of getting that first championship after 40 years of waiting, the likes of Thompson and Draymond Green have always brought memorable elements to each of these celebrations, especially by trolling their long-established rivals Cleveland Cavaliers.

Thompson has been known to have his share of fun during celebrations and his visits overseas, and he did this year as well, accidentally hollering within an earshot of teammate Zaza Pachulia through their bus’ bullhorn, taking pictures with fans, and even indulging in a little champagne and Hennessy during the four-hour event at Lake Merritt.

Green stepped up his game even more at this year’s parade after trolling the Cavs with a “Quickie” t-shirt, but went a notch over with an Arthur “mood” shirt, sporting three championship rings in the clenched fist — a reference to James’ social media post after a loss in the regular season.