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Lakers icon Pau Gasol gets real about brother Marc Gasol’s future amid Warriors rumors

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After his recent departure from the Los Angeles Lakers, the general belief is that veteran big man Marc Gasol is now heading back to his native of Spain for a sensational return to the Euro League. Recent rumors suggest, however, that the Golden State Warriors, in particular, have kept an eye on the 36-year-old center as a potential addition to the squad.

Lakers legend Pau Gasol, Marc’s older brother, recently sat down with Spanish newspaper Marca as he discussed the future of his sibling. Pau’s response was cryptic, but it is clear that he is hoping that Marc returns to Spain:

“Marc has earned the freedom and flexibility to make his own decision and he will do so when he decides,” Pau said (h/t Sam Yip of Fan Nation). “I know he has a lot of enthusiasm for Basquet Girona, a club in which I am also involved as vice president. He is in a different situation, because he is five years younger than me. We will see what he decides to do this season and later, I am also waiting.”

As he said in his statement above, Pau is currently a high-ranking executive for Spanish outlet Basquet Girona. Pau is definitely going to use his influence on his younger brother to try and convince him to sign with the Catalan club.

Then again, if the Warriors make the call, then this might be too good to pass up for Marc Gasol. The opportunity to play alongside the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson is truly enticing, and not even his big brother’s persuasion tactics might be enough to convince Marc to head back home to Spain.