All NBA fans know that Stephen Curry's basketball journey started way before he even suited up for the Golden State Warriors. As one of the heirs to Dell Curry's NBA legacy, the young Steph was all ears (and eyes) in trying to gain as much knowledge and experience from watching his father play at the highest level.

Dell's former teammate took notice of the young Stephen's dedication to the game. Muggsy Bogues, one of the NBA's more exciting undersized point guards, is amazed at how the journey of the two-time MVP has been so far.

“He was like a little sponge, you know, soaking up information everywhere he went. Dell and I played 11 years together. Nine in Charlotte and two years in Toronto, so Steph is like a little nephew to me,” Muggsy Bogues said of the Warriors sharpshooter, via VLAD TV.

“I’m just so grateful to be here to be witness what he’s able to do with his career. I mean it’s remarkable, he’s considered one of the greatest shooters of NBA all-time.”

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about being underrated and overlooked, it's Bogues. The 5-foot-3 point guard spent more than a decade in the league trying to make a name for himself as a small, spit-fire point guard. His longevity and dedication to the game allowed him to suit up for four different teams in a span of 14 seasons, including a couple of seasons with the Warriors.

Stephen Curry's career, although a little different from Bogues' in terms of titles and accolades, has been quite special to watch–especially for Bogues himself. After witnessing Curry's incredible NBA career so far, it's clear that all those days the young Steph spent on the sidelines was well worth it.