Warriors news: Nick Young says he was just kidding about legalizing cocaine
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Nick Young says he was just kidding about legalizing cocaine

Nick Young

It was previously inconceivable that Nick Young was going to be an NBA champion, but just because it happened, it does not mean that people should take the man seriously.


Just recently, the Golden State Warriors shooting guard was asked of his thoughts by TMZ Sports about Canada legalizing marijuana and Young’s retort was something that came across as shocking to a lot of people, as he said cocaine should be the next in line to get passed. Obviously, Young was only kidding – or was he?

Whether he actually meant it or not, Young took to Twitter to clear things up, saying it was all just a bunch of baloney.

Nick Young finished last season with paltry averages of 7.0 points, 0.5 assist, and 1.6 rebounds in 80 games played for the Warriors. In the finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Yong barely made his presence felt, as he mustered just a total of five points and two rebounds in four games. Still, Young’s legacy in the NBA includes that of him being crowned as a champion.

Hopefully, once his career ends, Young will not get tempted to enter politics, where he could author crazy bills we all know he’s capable of conjuring up.