Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors joked that he wants to join the NFL's Los Angeles Rams. Shortly after Durant's comment made the news, the team's head coach has responded.

As per Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints, Rams head coach Sean McVay said that the Warriors star can join his team whenever he wants. He even pointed out what he thinks Durant's strength will be:

“I bet he would be pretty dangerous in the redzone on some of those jump balls. So, if he thinks about wanting to do that we'll welcome him. He can come kick it with us anytime he wants.”

To recall, Durant joked that he would want to join the Rams after seeing the stellar play of defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Below is a screenshot from Durant's Instagram story, via Bleacher Report:

It's pretty rare to see a skinny 6-foot-11 guy playing some football. If Durant does decide to commit to the Rams, he might have to bulk up a bit as his lanky frame won't likely make the cut.

Durant's antics simply signifies that he's comfortable with the landmark decision he made three years ago. Since joining the Warriors, he's been the favorite subject of jokes. Who can forget Peyton Manning's epic roast during the 2017 ESPYs? But now, Durant is not affected by such malicious jokes anymore.