Warriors news: Stephen Curry admits wild shot attempt against Lakers was to 'christen Chase Center the right way'
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Warriors’ Stephen Curry admits wild shot attempt against Lakers was to ‘christen Chase Center the right way’


The Golden State Warriors opened Chase Center with a bang during the weekend. Not only were they up against the new-look Los Angeles Lakers but Stephen Curry attempted a crazy shot attempt from 45-feet just 22 seconds into their first possession.

The shot barely even grazed the rim and hit nothing but air, evoking laughter from the six-time NBA All-Star as he ran back on defense. He later admitted that he had big plans for the shot via Mark Medina of USA Today.

“I was going to shoot it up and christen Chase Center the right way,” Curry said with a grin afterwards. “Obviously, I don’t want to airball. But I thought it was fitting to take a wild shot like that and get everybody excited.”

As crazy as it may seem, it does fit into the type of shots the 31-year-old normally takes which also includes pre-game tunnel heaves and even notable game-winners and half-court ending shots from that distance. Chalk it to not being familiar with the new arena which the two-time Most Valuable Player also admits makes his ritualistic trick shots difficult to perform.

“The only thing for me is the tunnel shot,” Curry said. “That was fun. So I have to figure that out.”

Curry is expected to shoulder the bulk of the scoring load early in the season like never before with the departure of Kevin Durant and one-half of the Splash Brothers in Klay Thompson possibly sidelined until the All-Star break. So the 6-foot-3 elite shotmaker will have plenty of attempts to get acclimated to the insane shots he used to uncork at Oracle — and he’ll get there sooner rather than later.