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VIDEO: Stephen Curry cracks up over hilarious joke shading LeBron James

Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Warriors, Lakers

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James have had a cushy relationship in recent years. After their acrimonious battles in the NBA Finals, where things got pretty heated in several instances between the two superstars, they have grown fond of each other.

Still, Curry couldn’t help but laugh after a fan made a hilarious joke about LeBron in the recently concluded 32nd American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament. As Curry was walking on his way to the next hole, a guy blurted out, “Oh my God, it’s LeBron’s dad!”

Judging by Curry’s reaction, he truly liked that one.

Curry leads LeBron in their NBA Finals battles, 3-1. The King has scoffed at the Curry in the past, especially when the Warriors gunslinger was named unanimous MVP in 2016. But as they say, time heals all wounds, and recently, the two All-Stars have become friendlier, gushing about each other’s legacies in interviews.

Curry and LeBron could actually become even more close by playing golf. Curry usually spends his free time hitting the fairways, while LBJ recently hinted at wanting to learn more about how to play golf. LeBron has joined celebrity contests in the past but he’s not as good as Curry, who finished in ninth place in the aforementioned tournament.

It’s all jokes until “LeBron James’ dad” and “Stephen Curry’s son” go at it again competitively.