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Stephen Curry hilariously eludes memory-test question akin to LeBron James’

stephen curry

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry side-stepped past a tricky post-game request, as ESPN’s Chris Haynes asked him to recall a play-by-play of the opening minute of the game, much like LeBron James did after a Game 1 loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The sharpshooter passed on the chance, yet still did a decent job describing what took place.

Haynes: “Steph, speaking of that first minute, can you go back and re-tell each sequence that happened on that firs…. (laughs)”

Curry: “Don’t set me up like that. All I know is that it was the first play because I messed up not switching on James [Harden], trying to follow a certain gameplan that didn’t really make sense at that point.”

“He came down the court, there was two screens, I was supposed to switch on one of them, I didn’t. He stood there, had all the daylight in the world to shoot a three and knocked it down. But after that, we were pretty solid.”

Here is the play the two talked about. Curry stunted into Harden but retreated to chase down Trevor Ariza, inexplicably leaving Harden all alone for the game-opening bucket.

The Houston Rockets’ game plan was heavily based on getting Harden to draw a one-on-one matchup against Curry or forward Kevon Looney, often avoiding the lankier wing defenders like Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, or even pseudo-center Draymond Green.

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