Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is cheering on former NBA player Nate Robinson before his fight against Jake Paul.

Retweeting Robinson's message prior to his fight against the YouTuber on the undercard of the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition event, Curry is cheering on Robinson's attempt to hold down the fort for other former NBA stars.

This fight, which may seem random to many, stems from an interview Robinson did with TMZ Sports following Paul's first boxing match.

“I want all the smoke,” Robinson said to TMZ Sports. “I'm a top-tier athlete. You beating me would probably be the biggest accomplishment for your boxing career, or social media influencer – whatever. That's your biggest claim to fame right now is knocking out Nate Robinson, so come do it. I'm putting my everything on the line for you. Let's get it done. It's that simple.”

Robinson played in the NBA for 11 years, most notably for the New York Knicks. He was a three-time Slam Dunk Contest winner, most notably winning in 2009 by jumping over Dwight Howard, which gave him the nickname “Kryptonate.”

Jake Paul is most known for his time on YouTube as a part of Team 10. He is also popular for his music and has been involved in multiple controversial moments throughout 2020.

His first boxing match occurred in 2018 against Deji on the same card as his brother Logan fought KSI. His second fight—the one that drew Robinson's attention—was in December of 2019 when he fought fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib on the undercard of the Demetrious Andrade and Luke Keeler match.