It's safe to assume Canon Curry, the only son of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, will have a cannon of a shooting arm when he grows up. After all, Steph is starting his kid early with some private shooting drills from the GOAT shooter himself.

During the latest iteration of the Curry Camp, Steph was seen teaching his son how to shoot. While Canon is still learning the basics, it certainly won't be long before he starts ripping nets with his dad guiding him.

It's certainly awesome to see Canon show interest in basketball. More than that, it's amazing to see Stephen Curry the dad as well, with the Warriors superstar taking great care of his kid after their rather adorable moment together.

Steph grew up following his dad in NBA games, taking shots on the NBA court with Dell Curry's teammates from time to time. Now, he's doing the same for his son who seems to be taking right after his father, too.

It's not the first time Warriors fans have seen the young Canon handle the ball. Recently, Ayesha Curry shared a video of her son doing Curry's double-basketball dribbling drill–showing the whole world he is the kid of Steph.

It'll definitely be awesome to see Canon follow the footsteps of his dad. Who knows, Curry himself might be training the person who'll beat his own 3-point record in the NBA! Knowing Curry, however, he won't want to put any unnecessary pressure on his youngest kid and will instead let him choose the path he wants to take–whether or not it's in basketball.