Warriors news: Stephen Curry jokes about his fragile ankles
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Stephen Curry jokes about his fragile ankles

Stephen Curry, Warriors

With Stephen Curry sidelined with a groin injury, the Golden State Warriors have lost three of their last four games. On the positive side of things, Curry says that his recovery is going steady and even took some time to joke about his fragile ankles.

Here are Curry’s statements on his injury, via ESPN’s Nick Friedell.

“I’m learning about this one. I can tell you everything you want to know about ankles. But this is obviously a new one for me, so trying to make sure I stay cautious, but knowing that we’re moving in the right direction. So I don’t know how long it will be, but that’s all I can pretty much ask for.”

Curry’s history with ankle injuries has been widely documented in the past. It was the reason why the Warriors were hesitant to retain him instead of Monta Ellis in 2012. Luckily, team owner Joe Lacob and the organization made the right decision by trading Ellis for Andrew Bogut, who became the team’s defensive anchor during their championship runs.

While Curry has since recovered from those devastating injuries, he still hurts his ankle from time to time. Last season, he injured his ankle four times and missed a bunch of games because of it. However, the Warriors described the injuries as just minor ‘tweaks’ as Curry would always come back in his usual dangerous form after successively hurting his ankle.

The two-time MVP is now recuperating from a groin injury, which he says is progressing really well. The Warriors listed him out for the next couple of weeks as they wanted to have a cautious approach in dealing with Curry’s recovery.