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Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Kevon Looney are all for Steve Kerr’s preseason ejection vs. Suns

Stephen Curry, Kevon Looney, Warriors

While Steve Kerr’s ejection might have been an odd sight to witness in a preseason game, the Golden State Warriors loved every bit of it, claiming their coach is already in midseason form when it comes to riling up the officials.

“I guess he’s getting ready for the regular season,” forward Kevon Looney said, according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “I expect one ejection each year. I think he beat KD to it. I thought KD was going to get ejected [first].”

Kerr admitted that he was looking to get ejected from the game, but noted he was wrong for doing so, even though he wanted to stand up for his players.

The Warriors boss was irate at a technical foul given to Stephen Curry nine seconds into the third quarter after he protested a call for an offensive foul, which Kerr saw as the referees trying to flex their muscle early in the season, having T’d up Durant in the first half as well.

Kerr waved goodbye to the official while admitting he “didn’t wanna be here anyway” as he retreated toward the exit.

“I feel him,” said Looney. “Steve’s been around a lot of basketball his whole career, so I think he didn’t care for this game.”

The ejection will likely cost Kerr a handsome sum of money for his troubles, but the messages of him having his players’ backs rang loud and clear through that locker room.

“We’re all in this together,” said Curry. “And obviously we have to have each other’s backs. It’s kind of one of our core principles — so he has opportunities to try and influence things with outbursts if he needs to or stuff that he says to us in the locker room or whatever the case is. So knowing that we’re out there giving it everything we got throughout the year that a coach has your back, not pinching his wallet when he has the opportunity to kind of speak his mind, it means a lot.”

Actions like this one have made Kerr a beloved coach, despite the high pressure and expectations that surround a championship-caliber team like the Warriors. The season can feel long and dull, especially in the pursuit of a three-peat, when tempers can run hot at a moment’s notice.