Over the last five seasons, Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors have individually outscored their opponents in the first quarter several times.

As per ESPN via Elias Sports, Curry has outscored his opponents 11 times in a quarter — the most in the NBA. Right behind him is Thompson, who has outscored the opposing team eight times.

The stat is more absurd than it sounds, and just adds to the already-known fact that Curry and Thompson are two of the best offensive talents in the NBA today. They are called the ‘Splash Brothers' for a reason, and their ability to unleash a spate of 3-pointers on their opponents with relative ease.

And from a team standpoint, it shows how of the Warriors' offense over the past five years have relied on the two. As pure shooters, the Curry and Thompson run thru different screens until they're wide open. And when no one is within five feet near them, it's almost automatic.

The addition of Kevin Durant — another premiere offensive talent — hasn't changed this fact too much. From time to time, we still see Curry or Thompson convert of a series of baskets. Especially Thompson, who exploded for 16 3-pointers in one game — an NBA record.

In the next few years, we should expect more records set by the Splash Brothers — unless of course one of them decides to move to a different team, which is unlikely.