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Stephen Curry not worried about ‘pressure’ surrounding him this season

Warriors, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has a massive task ahead of this season, with the pressure of keeping the Golden State Warriors afloat with no Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant on the roster. Many have expected the two-time MVP to break out once again in true superstar form, while others have worried about his potential to stay on the floor, after playing 51 and 69 regular season games the past two NBA campaigns.

However Curry isn’t taking that pressure to heart:

“If I wasn’t confident in myself, that would really bother me,” Curry told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. “I’m not worried about it. And pressure isn’t the right word. I feel there’s an awareness of what our situation is and there’s a freedom in that, too, because I can just go out there and hoop. I’ve never lacked confidence.

“That’s the thing that’s hard to really put into words with the teams we’ve had the last couple of years from 2015 to now. I’ve approached the game the exact same way, but it just looks different based on who I have out there playing with me like [Kevin Durant] and playing with Klay [Thompson]. It looks different, but my mindset is exactly the same. So, I’m approaching the season the same way, which is to give my all until proven otherwise.”

Curry’s offensive contributions will play a part as to how far the Warriors can go before they get Thompson back from an ACL injury, but so will the play of his supporting cast and the overall improvement of their defense after losing trustworthy cogs like veterans Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston.

The ultimate test will be for Curry to manage those expectations and safely navigate the course of the season, as his best ability will be his availability in his 11th NBA campaign.