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Stephen Curry proud of brother Seth’s performance despite comparisons to him, father Dell

Stephen Curry, Warriors, Seth Curry, Blazer

Stephen Curry has been proud of how brother Seth has performed despite the constant comparisons to his older brother and father Dell, who played in the NBA for 16 seasons. The Golden State Warriors star lauded the Portland Trail Blazers guard for his confidence and ability to remain positive despite the outside noise:

“He’s not worried about what the narrative is or what people say about him, he just has supreme confidence,” said Stephen Curry. “God blessed him with that personality for a reason in terms of him just being himself and understanding what kind of man he is, what kind of basketball player he is, and he obviously belongs in the league and can do some amazing things.”

Seth sat out an entire NBA season due to a lower leg injury and ensuing setbacks, but he has come back with a fury, currently third in the league in 3-point shooting at a 46.5 percent clip, which earned him an invitation to the 3-Point Contest as part of Saturday’s All-Star Weekend:

“He’s obviously had some injuries that have held him back, but he’s fought through it all and the way he’s been playing after a year off, just understanding (the NBA) is where he’s supposed to be,” said Steph. “It’s just fun to see. I’m obviously extremely proud of him, considering ‘the shadow’ or whatever you want to call it, that he’s doing what he’s doing.”

Seth has now posted three straight seasons shooting 40 percent or above from deep and has found a niche with the Blazers after finishing out his contract with the Dallas Mavericks.

It’s only time he gets his due as one of the NBA’s elite perimeter snipers, something that runs in the family genes.