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Warriors’ Stephen Curry reacts to Allen Iverson putting him in his top five

Stephen Curry, Allen Iverson, Warriors

Real recognize real. Last year, former NBA superstar Allen Iverson stated that current Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is in his top five players of all time, adding that Curry would be the starting point guard if he were to assemble an all-time starting five.

Since then, Iverson’s comments have stuck with Curry. The two-time MVP admitted in an episode of Showtime’s “All the Smoke” that he has Iverson’s remark saved on his phone.

“I ain’t never had a big head. That dude who I picked up a lot of game and inspiration from — he’s now looking at my game …  Some OGs, they don’t want to relinquish the praise. Same way we respect the OGs, we want it both ways. So when you do hear that, that means something,” Curry said in the show’s latest episode that is set to premiere this Thursday.

As one of the best and most influential players of the early 2000’s Iverson inspired much of the generation that now fills the league — Curry included. The Warriors star has admitted in the past that he always low key wanted to be Iverson.

Considering how great Iverson was in his own right, his praise doesn’t come lightly. Still, Curry is undoubtedly one of the best players in the NBA today and will more than likely end his career as the best shooter in NBA history.

This season, however, has been one to forget for the 31-year-old. A broken hand has kept Curry out for all but four of the Warriors games this season. Curry is expected to return to the team towards the end of the season.