Warriors News: Stephen Curry says Damian Lillard Stole His Workout Routine
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Stephen Curry reacts to Damian Lillard’s comical workout routine

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When Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard C.J. McCollum exasperated, “I’m trying, Jennifer,” no one doubted his work ethic; just his ability to beat the Golden State Warriors. Now, teammate Damian Lillard may have inadvertently stumbled upon the source of Stephen Curry’s power:

Curry is renowned for his hand-eye coordination, often demonstrated through his pregame routine which consists of running through his gauntlet of dribble moves with a basketball in each hand.

Lillard’s unorthodox workout video was a hilarious response to a Houston Rockets fan criticizing the Trail Blazers’ point guard for posting videos of interests outside of basketball instead of workout videos like so many other NBA players.

It is said there’s a hint of truth in every joke and this is no exception. Lillard’s game is stylistically as close to Curry’s as any other NBA player, using a fluid dribble and the threat of his long range, off the dribble jumper to break defensive schemes.

The backbone of this ability comes from elite hand-eye coordination and muscle memory, replicating the same motions and shot form without fail, even while under heavy duress.

Last season, he used his talents to average 26.9 points and 6.6 assists per game, earning First Team All-NBA honors.

Lillard’s faux workout is hilarious because it parodies actual routines, multitasking whilst performing basic basketball drills with a number of distractions around him.

If the Trail Blazers were to ever somehow topple the Warriors, it’ll be because Lillard stole the show, not Curry’s workout routine.