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Warriors’ Stephen Curry was pretty banged up himself at end of season

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors could not have ended last season in a more terrible way. Not only did they fail to defend their championship against an underdog team in the Toronto Raptors, but they also lost Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to major injuries. Durant then left for the Brooklyn Nets.

However, somewhat lost in all these headline-grabbing turn of events is the fact that Dubs superstar Stephen Curry himself was battling a series of minor injuries throughout the playoffs. This was recently revealed by Gotham Chopra, one of the minds behind “Stephen vs. the Game,” a Facebook series on Curry.

Via NBC Sports Bay Area’s Dalton Johnson:

“Physically, you see in the final part of our series, he had his own nicks and bruises along the way,” Chopra said. “Obviously in terms of the playoffs with injuries to KD, Klay, Andre — it was just some really tough injuries that they dealt with. I think they took a lot of pride in how far they able to push it and keep on going. They certainly weren’t an easy out.”

As it turns out, Curry was not one hundred percent himself, especially toward the end of the grueling NBA Finals series against Kawhi Leonard and company. Kudos to Curry for not using his injuries as an excuse, and on the contrary, he even stepped up his game in the biggest of ways when called upon. As a matter of fact, it could be said this was Curry’s most impressive Finals series performance in his whole career given the attention he received from the Raptors, so you certainly can’t take anything away from the two-time MVP.