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Warriors star Stephen Curry’s absence prompts hilarious reaction from his father

Warriors, Stephen Curry, Dell Curry

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry was a late scratch for Saturday’s matchup against the Charlotte Hornets. There was some confusion as to his sudden absence early in the game, which prompted his own father, Dell Curry, to come up with a hilarious reaction to the matter at hand.

Dell was on the broadcast team for the Hornets, and he quickly offered to reach out to his son in the wake of Steph’s disappearance (h/t Bleacher Report on Twitter):

As heard on the clip, the entire broadcast crew had no idea why Steph wasn’t in the starting lineup for the Warriors, considering how he warmed up with his team minutes prior. At this point, the announcers had not yet learned that the former back-to-back MVP was going to sit out the matchup due to illness.

The good news for the Dubs is that Curry’s illness is reportedly not COVID-19-related. The nature of his abrupt exit may have led some to believe that he was yanked by the NBA at the last moment due to health and safety protocols — ala Kevin Durant. Reports state, however, that Steph tested negative for COVID-19 and that he’s just feeling a bit under the weather. Well, probably more than just a little bit considering how he wasn’t able to take the floor for Golden State.

We’re pretty sure Dell was pretty worried about his son as well at that point. He was probably half-serious about texting Steph ASAP.