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Warriors star Stephen Curry’s no-look three’s give JaVale McGee flashbacks

Warriors, Stephen Curry, JaVale McGee

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is the inventor of the infamous look-away three. He’s done it so many times in his career, that at this point, it has become a bit of a trademark for the greatest shooter of all time. As it turns out, however, this move all started with JaVale McGee.

In a recent interview on NCBS, Curry shared his story on how his no-look trey came about. Apparently, the opposing player he was looking at the first time he pulled off this audacious move was none other than McGee.

JaVale took to Twitter to express just how much that moment has stuck with him through the years:

As they described above, this pair eventually became teammates with the Warriors. McGee joined the Dubs in 2016 and he played his part in two out of the Warriors’ three titles.

Curry and McGee developed a bond during their time together as teammates and even though the latter now plies his trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it appears that they continue to be friends. Nevertheless, McGee still can’t help but reminisce about that particular moment involving Steph.

McGee seems to hold a bit of regret, too. You can clearly see in the clip that he was chirping away at Curry as the Warriors star took the three. Steph had to make sure McGee knew what was up as soon as he made the shot (or even before, actually), and from that point on, McGee pretty much unleashed a monster.