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Steve Kerr accuses Donald Trump of trying to interfere with election

Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr, Donald Trump

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr took more than just a jab at President Donald Trump on Thursday, reading between the lines and deciphering why he and his regime are so hellbent in defunding the U.S. Postal Service.

CNN correspondent Abby D. Phillip heard the words right out of Trump’s mouth, as he made another of the countless appearance in FOX News. Kerr asked his followers to read the quote again:

“He is literally TELLING US that he is interfering in the election by not funding the USPS,” Steve Kerr tweeted.

Trump has been trying to defund USPS for quite a while now, but those efforts have ramped up as of late now that mail-in voting has been deemed a possible avenue due to the coronavirus pandemic.

No. 45 has threatened to no longer fund the postal service due to the reported losses it has experienced through the years. But USPS is not business, it is a service — it’s actually right in the name.

Trump saying there’s no longer a need to fund a failing business is like saying there is no longer need to fund the military, which loses over $700 billion a year.

Donald Trump can’t even get his money straight at times, after correcting himself the first time and clarifying the Democrats are seeking 3.5 billion to fund mail-in voting, he once again steps on his own shoe and claims it’s 3.5 trillion — only to say it’s now 25 billion dollars — all within a 10-second span:

Trump has aggressively pushed for no mail-in voting, calling it a “corrupt” and “fraudulent” way to measure an election, despite several members of his own Republican party choosing to vote this very way.

The Warriors coach never misses a beat when it comes to calling it like it is, and this is just another of the several call-outs he’s had during Trump’s four-year regime.