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Warriors’ Steve Kerr admits home game vs. Hornets was the most ‘frustrating’ loss of the season


For the first time in his coaching career, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is getting buried by regular-season losses. Amid all the defeats he has to endure, their home game against the Charlotte Hornets was the most ‘frustrating’ one.

In an interview with Wes Goldberg of The Mercury News, their 87-93 loss in November to the Hornets at Chase Center hurt the most. Kerr believes that he could’ve done more to help his players.

“The ones when we had a chance at the end. The Charlotte game at home was really frustrating, because I didn’t feel like I handled the game well at the end. Didn’t feel like I helped our team out enough to help them win. So that was frustrating.

However, Kerr’s mind drifted on to the Warriors’ last two losses at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks and the Charlotte Hornets. According to 54-year-old, the two games felt as if the team had given up. This bothered him as a team should always have that winning mentality embedded in them despite seeing the losses pile up to the brim.

“There have been a couple of other close losses that were frustrating. Honestly, the last two games, in Atlanta and in Charlotte, those two games were the most disappointing of the season, because it just felt like the first time we let go of the rope, as the expression goes. I didn’t like our energy. I felt like we let our guard down. So, I’m anxious to see how we play tonight, because that can’t become the norm.”

It’s Kerr’s toughest season yet as a head coach. But we should never forget that the man has a total of eight championship rings in his fingers. The man knows how to win. It may not be this year or even next. But sooner or later, Kerr will figure things out.