Warriors news: Steve Kerr praises 'younger generation' amid protests
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Warriors’ Steve Kerr praises ‘younger generation’ amid protests


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has provided more insight with regards to the nationwide protests resulting from the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police last week.

Kerr has spoken out about his thoughts on how the younger generation of our society provides for a potentially bright future ahead. The 54-year-old took to Twitter to share his opinion on this matter:

In his tweets above, Kerr is emphasizing the importance of peaceful protests against bigotry in all forms, and how the youth has been playing a pivotal part in the same. In Kerr’s mind, the younger generation — so long as they are able to continue on the right path — is what will lead our society to hopefully, a future which is more adept to equality and equity.

Kerr has been very active of late in ensuring that his voice is heard. Recently, the three-time NBA champion coach shared some very strong opinions on Twitter, still pertaining to Floyd’s death and its ensuing aftermath.

Kerr obviously has no hesitation whatsoever to voice out his true feelings about the issues at hand, regardless of the potential consequences. So much so, that he even took a shot at none other than United States President Donald Trump, labeling the Commander-in-chief as a “racist.”

The recent turn of events in the nation has produced what has become the most controversial issue in recent years. Nearly everyone and anyone from all walks of life has been speaking out against these social injustices, and we have to commend coach Kerr here for his willingness to use his celebrity status to raise his voice.