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Steve Kerr responds to LaVar Ball’s Milli Vanilli comparison

steve kerr, warriors

LaVar Ball is known for his rather ridiculous claims towards himself, his family, and the members of the NBA. On Monday, Ball made another questionable claim that Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is the ‘Milli Vanilli‘ of coaching, throwing shade at the latter’s hand in shaping the team’s dominance over the past few years.

Of course, Kerr heard about Ball’s comments and didn’t really pay any attention.

Touche. Sometimes the best response is to not respond at all. Kerr obviously knows better not to play into Ball’s clever “marketing strategies.”

For several months, Ball has ridden the coattails of NBA personalities to leverage attention towards himself. But his criticism toward Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton a number of weeks ago may have sent a strong message to his confines in Lithuania that he needs to keep his mouth in check.

Ball may not admit it, but the backlash he took from NBA coaches did silence him to some extent. He can easily say that he’s busy tending to his two sons in Europe, but knowing Ball’s track record, he will say anything anytime he pleases.

Apparently, Rick Carlisle, Stan Van Gundy, Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, and company’s snap back on his critique toward Walton forced him to take a few steps back and stay in his lane.

While Kerr is piloting the Warriors to another dominant run this season, Ball doesn’t seem to be doing bad himself over in Lithuania. He recently got tasked to coach his sons’ team in the Big Baller Brand challenge where LaMelo and LiAngelo basically ran warmups against either teens or mediocre lineups of Lithuanian opponents.