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Warriors coach Steve Kerr says 4 dunks got Klay Thompson more excited than his 14 three-pointers

Klay Thompson, Steve Kerr, Warriors

The Golden State Warriors put on a show Tuesday night against the Denver Nuggets. The team scored 51 points in the first quarter, setting a modern-day NBA record. The team also hit 21 threes, with Klay Thompson chipping in five. The sharpshooter was ecstatic about his four dunks, perhaps more pleased with himself then he ever has been.

Head coach Steve Kerr claimed that Thompson was indeed more excited about racking up the dunks than he was when he hit 14 three-pointers against the Chicago Bulls earlier this season.

Klay Thompson’s scoring outburst against Chicago set an NBA record and was easily one of the most impressive shooting performances the league has ever seen.

However, perhaps Thompson is bored of swishing in shots from distance. Switching it up and throwing down a thunderous dunk certainly must be more electrifying for him since it happens so rarely.

The 6’6″ shooting guard only has 11 dunks this season, and four dunks in a game is a career-high for him. So in a way, it can be just as an important moment in Thompson’s excellent career thus far.

While we may not see another four-dunk game out of Klay Thompson for a while, it’s a good bet that we will see another double-digit three-pointer game before the season’s end. He is launching almost eight threes a game and shooting 36 percent from beyond the arc for the season even after a terrible start. It’s just a matter of time before one of the league’s top shooters lights it up yet again, and he might even get a dunk or two in.