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The reason Stephen Curry changed the game beyond shooting, per Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala

Stephen Curry Steph Curry Warriors Andre Iguodala

Stephen Curry has forever changed the way the game of basketball as we know it is played. The Golden State Warriors star has revolutionized the modern game by showcasing just how important the three-point shot is, especially when you’re the best to ever attempt it.

However, the three-point movement wasn’t the only thing he brought to the league. His Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala dished on one under-the-radar change that Steph Curry has forced upon the NBA.

Via The Breakfast Club:

“You know, one thing he brought to the game was,” said the Warriors veteran. “You were looked at as soft if you had too much fun playing basketball. People like Charles Barkley, Anthony Mason with the Knicks, Charles Oakley were looked at highly. It was a weakness if you smiling on the court. You had to be mean, like Pat Riley style basketball with New York. But when Steph Curry came through, he started laughing, he started shimmying and he’s shooting half-court.”

Stephen Curry can be infuriating for opponents simply because it’s so difficult to stop him. The Warriors icon has a relatively slender frame and isn’t as physically imposing as most superstars are. So the fact he’s able to dominate rivals with a smile on his face and some swagger in his step is on-court euphoria for NBA fans. His massive success with the Warriors has seeped through to the next generation as well, with the new guard following his lead.

 “Now you’re seeing this trickle-down effect, you see Trae Young, you see Dame Lillard, you see Luka Doncic. These dudes are shooting step-backs from half-court and everybody goes crazy. Kind of like, you can have joy now, you can laugh and you can play. That’s like a real generational effect that comes from one dude and it’s something special. Like I said, you got to give people their flowers while they’re here. He revolutionized the game.”

Andre Iguodala has had a front row seat to how Stephen Curry transformed not only his own play, but the league as a whole. With the Warriors looking to bounce back from another down season, we’re bound to see plenty more Steph Curry smiles as he toys with his opponents to come.