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The reason Warriors star Stephen Curry is like MJ, Wilt, Shaq, Iverson, per Reggie Miller

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Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is one of the most electrifying players to watch in the association, thanks to his ability to drain deep threes on a consistent basis. He’s also on the verge of passing one of the best Warriors ever in points, Wilt Chamberlain.

Curry has single-handily changed the evolution of basketball due to his shooting. There’s really no doubt about it. And according to Hall of Famer and former sharpshooter Reggie Miller, Steph should be put in the same conversation as some of the game’s greatest, per ESPN:

“He’s a lot like Wilt and Shaq and Jordan, Iverson. They changed things. They changed how the game is perceived and played.”

Miller isn’t wrong in the sense that Stephen Curry definitely changed the way basketball is perceived. Back in the MJ days, three-point shooting wasn’t a primary way of getting buckets. Guys drove to the hoop and finished with authority.

Now, almost every single player in the league, even bigs, are capable of draining from long range. Curry is certainly one of the greatest shooters of all time and in Miller’s eyes, the best ever:

“He is. He is … I always thought Drazen Petrovic was — because we played the same position, and I had to see it up close, I thought he was the greatest shooter that I had ever seen up close, but Steph has just taken shooting to a different level.”

Stephen Curry has already made 2,709 threes in his career, which puts him second all-time. He’s already surpassed Miller who is in third, while also just over 200 three-pointers behind Ray Allen.

With lots of time left in his illustrious career, it will be no surprise to see Curry at the top of that list in the not too distant future. In the meantime, Stephen Curry will be looking to lead his team to a playoff push as they currently sit in 10th spot in the West.