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Warriors News: Video of 13-year-old Stephen Curry playing against Dell Curry in 5-on-5 scrimmage surfaces

Before he became the back-to-back MVP and two-time NBA champion that he is now, Stephen Curry was like most kids these days, playing in pickup games, trying to be the best player they could be. Recently, proof of it surfaced where he can be seen playing his father, Dell Curry, in a 5-on-5 scrimmage. However, he wasn’t just any ordinary kid, as he already showed his potential, with accuracy shooting from beyond the arc, and advanced handles as well.

The Golden State Warriors star guard was only 13-years-old back then, but was already drawing a lot of cheers from spectators, as he played with a lot of flare. His competitiveness was also very evident when he played, leading his squad to perform well against their much older opponents.

Even at a young age, Curry was not the most physically gifted player, yet he more than made up for his lack of size and heft with his very impressive skill set. That was also the case before he entered college, as he did not receive scholarship offers from big name schools. When he began playing for the Davidson Wildcats, he showed that he deserves to play against the highly touted players in the NCAA, and even became the seventh overall pick in the 2009 draft.

Now in the pros, he continues to prove all his doubters wrong with his stellar play. His ability to score in different ways, as well setup his teammates on offense has made him a superstar, and one of the most popular players in the world today. The video may feature his brilliant skill set from years back, but it could also serve as a humbling reminder of what he was as a player before, and something that may inspire to become even better in the future.