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Rumor: Warriors upset at Kevin Durant for making free-agency decision while Stephen Curry was on flight to meet him

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant

The Golden State Warriors are reportedly upset at Kevin Durant for making his free-agency decision while Stephen Curry was on a flight to meet him in New York City, according to Bill Simmons of The Ringer (h/t The Mercury News).

Durant announced on Instagram he was going to sign with the Brooklyn Nets this past Sunday. Curry flew from China to New York to talk with Durant and still ended up meeting with KD even after the two-time Finals MVP made his decision to head to Brooklyn.

The Warriors are reportedly angry KD snubbed Curry, whom Golden State feels is arguably the best teammate in the NBA:

“Curry decides to do the dignified thing and he goes to meet KD anyway,” Simmons said. “Basically to say goodbye to him. But, from what I’ve heard, the Warriors took that personally. Because, by all accounts, undeniably, Curry is one of the best teammates in the league. And one of the best teammates in a long time. And has just always kind of looked out for KD and defended him and all that stuff. And it just was (crummy). That’s what I heard.”

Kevin Durant agreed to a four-year deal with the Nets, ending his three-year run with the Warriors. Golden State made it to the NBA Finals in all three seasons of the Durant era, winning two and losing one. Durant only played a little bit in Game 5 of the 2019 Finals before tearing his right Achilles tendon.

Stephen Curry is a great teammate. We have never heard anyone say one bad thing about the sharpshooter. It just looks like Durant wanted to escape Curry’s shadow in Golden State. Even though KD was the best player on the Warriors, Curry was always going to be more popular with the fans and media.