As exciting as Game 6 was between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets the most anticipated moment came after the final horn had blown. It has been over a month since Charles Barkley said he wanted to punch Draymond Green in the face, eliciting an equally-firey response from the latter.

It was a high-profile war of words, but when the two met face to face on TNT's set after Game 6, they were actually quite respectful to each other and the beef between the two guys seems to be over.

To start, Barkley thought some of his comments were blown out of proportion, and he likes the way that Green plays and thinks he's a hell of a player, Barkley just thinks that sometimes he complains too much.

“I’ve never said anything bad about Draymond,” said Barkley, who was flanked by Green on the TNT set after the game. “I made a sarcastic statement about Draymond at halftime of one of our games and everybody tried taking it to a whole other level.

Green agrees that he sometimes takes it too far. But he is right, no NBA player thinks that they have committed a foul, and over the last few years it has seemed to have gotten worse around the NBA.

“To be honest with you, I don’t think any of us in the NBA has committed a foul,” said, Green. “No one likes when the referees call a foul on them, but I can get bad with (arguing with the officials) at times.

It's good to see that Green and Barkley are finally moving on from some pretty pointless beef.