Draymond Green is one of the best forwards in the NBA. He can do plenty of things with the basketball whenever he's playing. He's a key component to the Golden State Warriors with his unique skillset. However, he's not good at hiding his emotions.

This weakness of his reared its ugly head when he played against professional in a poker game.

There was no way he was going to win with his hand, so it was sensible that he decided to go all-in with his punt. Unfortunately, his opponent — professional poker player Maria Ho — managed to read his hand from his actions and called to win the pot.

However, the bombastic exit wasn't the only notable thing about his Poker After Dark games.

In his first hour of play, he managed to lose three buy-ins. After burning $15,000 on poker, the Warriors forward managed to rally a good pot. He was able to grab up to $23,700 to be in the black if he decided to cash out of the game.

However, he made terrible calls that eventually led to the meme-worthy moment he shared with Ho.

While he's far from a terrific poker player, he's at least a talented NBA player. Green is listed 38th in ESPN's Top 100 Players for the coming season.