The Golden State Warriors may have won their Monday night game against the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-108, but their rivalry with the Cavaliers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. During a play where LeBron James was at the free-throw line, Green started to yell to distract James from converting the two free throws. It actually worked. James casually missed one free throw. As insignificant as this seems, there is a history between Green and James and it extends back to the 2016 NBA Finals.

In Game 4, LeBron James and Draymond Green were involved in a scuffle where he stepped over Green. Insulted, Green threw an upwards shot towards James’ groin area and had plenty of things to say to him afterward. From an outside view, it may seem like the two may hate each other. However, according to Scott Davis of the Business Insider, James and his teammates actually respect Green.

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“The other guy is such a great guy,” Frye said on the podcast, purposely leaving Green’s name out of it. “It’s just gentleman banter back and forth, it’s all good.”

“Oh yeah, for sure,” James said in agreement. “It’s all good.”

Fyre also said that there is a media narrative that the two teams dislike each other that isn’t accurate.

“In all actuality, Draymond is not a bad guy. He talks some s—. We talk some s—. It’s fine! … Do you think if really we hated each other, he would mention anything to us? … Draymond likes us. He’s a nice guy!”

Monday night marked the last match-up between the Warriors and Cavs in the regular season. Hopefully, if the two teams meet again, there will be some friendly competition involved.