Warriors news: Kevin Durant drills in incredibly long 3-pointer
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Video: Kevin Durant pulls up from Stephen Curry range

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Kevin Durant is known for his tendency to make difficult shots look easy. The Golden State Warriors forward is simply of one the best scorers in the NBA, and he is making a strong argument for his case as being the league’s best player.

On Wednesday night against the Clippers, Durant pulled up for a 3-pointer that looked awfully similar to a shot Stephen Curry would normally take. In fact, it was from Curry’s signature range.

In this game, the Warriors are without their talented back-court of Curry and Klay Thompson. Durant is now making his appearance after missing the last three games. So far, he is making his presence known — even becoming the second youngest player in NBA history to amass 20,000 career points.

During his three-game absence, Durant was battling a nagging calf injury. According to NBC Sports Bay Area head coach Steve Kerr wasn’t sure if Durant was ready to play the next few games, even against the Clippers.

“Kevin went through everything today. We had a very light practice. it was mostly mental stuff. He’s getting a workout in right now. He’s doing better and he’s probable. He wasn’t healthy enough to play yesterday. The whole point is you go through the progression of rehab and on-the-court stuff. He didn’t feel right yesterday morning and there was no way we were going to risk it. But he’s feeling better today. I think he plays tomorrow, but we’ll see how he feels in shootaround.”

Durant is currently averaging 25.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game, while shooting 39 percent from the 3-point line.