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Video: Klay Thompson’s dribble move is literally breaking ankles

Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors are looking to avenge their preseason loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday night and Klay Thompson is out in San Jose hurting people, albeit in a perfectly legal manner.

Almost three minutes into the second frame, Thompson found himself in an island with the Lakers’ Jonathan Williams. Seeing all of his Warriors teammates line up near the baseline to let him devour his helpless defender, Thompson executed a nifty step back move that is made a hundred times more vicious by its effect on Williams.

Maybe Klay Thompson needs to be reminded that the guy also has a family. Then again, it’s all too late now as Williams sprawled to the floor and even hurt his ankle in the process.

Perhaps Thompson’s beard is giving him that edgier feeling — but who knows. For what it’s worth, though, the other half of the Splash Brothers ended up missing the shot.

These two teams’ preseason finale is missing the presence of its megastars in LeBron James and Kevin Durant. But the void they left is hardly felt by their respective teams. The Lakers and Warriors closed the first half in blistering fashion, scoring 54 and 67 points, respectively.