Riley Curry is just 7 years old, but she and dad Stephen Curry already have their handshake game going.

Riley Curry became an online sensation when the Golden State Warriors superstar brought her on the podium multiple times during their postgame interviews throughout the 2015 playoffs.

The NBA world immediately fell in love with Riley Curry’s cute antics back when she was just around 3 years old. Now at 7, she’s ready to showcase her handshake game with her future Hall of Fame father:

That was was sweet little moment from the father-daughter tandem.

Boy, did time fly by or what? It certainly seems like Riley Curry was just a baby a year ago. Now she’s in elementary school? Unreal.

Nevertheless, time does indeed move fast, and Stephen Curry’s Warriors are a good example of how times change quickly.

Within the span of six months, Golden State transformed from a juggernaut squad with four All-Stars that looked to be on the way to winning a third straight NBA title, to a basement of the league squad chasing a lottery pick next June.

Though Kevin Durant did leave for the Brooklyn Nets this past summer, much of the Warriors’ demise this season has to do with injuries to what’s left of their championship core.

Klay Thompson suffered an ACL injury in last season’s NBA Finals and is projected to miss the majority of this season. Likewise, Stephen Curry went down early in the season with a broken left hand and is currently still on the road to recovery.

Stephen Curry’s injury may have become a blessing in disguise for the Warriors. This has given them the green light to effectively call it a season and target a high draft pick in next year’s NBA Draft. Golden State has taken advantage of the situation to develop its younger guys in the hopes that they can become key rotation pieces next year when the Splash Brothers are back in full health.

For now, Stephen and Riley Curry will continue working on their handshakes.