Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has had his share of mixed adventures during his Under Armour-based annual Asia Tour. The two-time MVP was beaten in a skills competition and nutmegged by a kid in recent days, but did not disappoint by hurling a beauty right down home plate when throwing the ceremonial first pitch for the Yomiuri Giants of the Japanese pro league.

Curry; a favorite in many Asian countries, including Japan, stepped to the mount and fired a strike right into the wheelhouse of a left-handed hitter (first pitches in the NPB [Nippon Professional Baseball] are thrown with a ceremonial “dummy” hitter as well, symbolizing the strike).

Given Japan's ceremonial antics, it only makes Curry's pitch look that much more epic, with little room for error given that a bounced pitch or a wild pitch would fall well short of expectations.

Curry's blue and yellow glove was the only shiny aspect of his first pitch, showing a relatively compact and not overly-flashy release with strong mechanics and an even stronger delivery, mailing the seams right to the heart of home plate.

Pitches like this one will have the San Francisco Giants calling Curry for a ceremonial first pitch of their own for the upcoming 2019 season.