Teams can't get enough of Ryan Fitzpatrick, who's become a legend of sorts owing to his penchant to extend his NFL career by bouncing around the league. Perhaps as a testament to both his durability and longevity as a utility quarterback in the pros, Fitzpatrick, in fact, is on the verge of completing a feat no one has ever pulled off in the history of the league now that he's with the Washington Football Team.

As pointed out by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, Fitzpatrick could enter history books by becoming the first NFL starting quarterback to suffer a setback against 31 franchises.

“Fitzpatrick has lost to 28 different teams as a starting quarterback, according to Pro Football Reference. Of the four teams he hasn’t lost to, three are on Washington’s schedule this season: The Packers, Saints and Buccaneers. If Fitzpatrick loses to those three teams, he’ll have lost to an all-time record 31 NFL teams. (The Lions are the one team Fitzpatrick hasn’t lost to and won’t play this season.)”

Right now, the Washington Football Team has Fitzpatrick perched atop the quarterback depth chart, with Taylor Heinicke, Kyle Allen, and Steven Montez behind him.

Fitzpatrick found himself in the nation's capital after signing a 1-year deal worth $10 million with the Washington Football Team. Prior to that, Fitzpatrick played two seasons for the Miami Dolphins.

Losing to 31 teams in the NFL surely is not something Fitzpatrick is looking forward to telling his grandkids, but in any case, we'll always have this.