The Washington Football Team and owner Daniel Snyder has been a hot topic over the past few years. The team has remained under investigation after numerous reports of workplace misconduct and sexual harassment allegations over the past couple of decades. On Thursday, the NFL handed down a massive fine for the team. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the fine is for the “team's culture.”

That is a major fine for Washington Football Team and Dan Snyder, who just named his wife, Tanya, as the team's co-CEO. Perhaps Dan knew this was coming and wanted some insurance for the franchise if he does indeed need to step down.

Snyder released a statement shortly after the fine was handed down from the NFL.

Snyder says he feels remorse, and a $10 million fine is an insane amount. With so much turmoil going on in Washington, who knows how much longer he remains at the helm of the franchise, especially after this hefty penalty and investigations still ongoing from last summer's allegations.

To note, there won't be any draft picks lost, just a $10 million league-imposed fine by the NFL.

Amid rebranding the franchise and naming his wife as the co-CEO, there could be some big changes ahead in Washington.