A rivalry is setting off between Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill and Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons. The comments between the two started with Parsons, who played for the Nittany Lions in college and emulates Kobe Bryant's lion quote, telling Hill to not call himself a lion again.

Parsons said, “Tyreek, please never say you're a lion again. Just stick to the Cheetah brother … at least you did say you're a baby lion. To me, you're a cub,” via FinsXtra.

Parsons also anticipated a response from Hill, saying, “I expect your response. You're going to say something stupid.”

Tyreek Hill of course responded afterwards. On an episode of Hill's podcast, the Cheetah Podcast, Hill said, “But before we go I got one more thing to say. Micah Parsons, I saw on Twitter that you said something to me. You said that I’m a baby lion. Let me tell you something, Micah Parsons. When we play you … I have a present for you.

I know you’ve seen my clip where I’m blocking the D-end. I’m big like that. I’m off the edge like that. You better watch your back because I’m going to blindside you. I’m going to show you that game who the real lion is. I’m going to show you that day who the real lion is, because like I said I’m the cheetah and the lion.”

This exchange will only have fans more amped up for when the Cowboys and Dolphins face off on December 24th. It will be the second time Parsons and Hill play each other. The two also played during Parsons' rookie season, when Hill was still on the Kansas City Chiefs.