Watcher of Realms celebrates its first-year anniversary as Moonton showers players with new legendary heroes, game modes, and legendary rewards. Here is everything you need to know about this legendary event. The event celebration will introduce two new legendary heroes and the return of two. Furthermore, new game modes with legendary rewards arrive in this update, too.

Watcher of Realms Anniversary Event introduces New Heroes, Game Modes, and Rewards

Moonton made sure that loyal players will get a lot of new content to celebrate their anniversary. Furthermore, new players can also catch up on content with the legendary rewards made available. Special Summoning Events will also let everyone bolster their roster with new and powerful legendary heroes. Take these rewards with you as you tackle fresh challenging game modes.

New Game Modes to Challenge Your Roster of Heroes

The new guild boss, Semirah, will challenge players in their party composition. Aside from just putting forward your strongest legendary heroes, players will need to strategically choose their heroes and make sure their composition has great chemistry and synergy.

A new game mode will also give players new content to sink their teeth into. Available for a limited time, Eternal Spire will have players complete as many missions as they can and rack up points for rewards. The twist? Players will use legendary heroes with normalized levels and status without equipment and artifacts. Are you naturally gifted? Eternal Spire will test your mettle.

New Legendary Heroes Including Power Couple Anora and Ymiret

Two new powerful legendary heroes, Anora and her spouse Ymiret, will become available during the Watcher of Realms Anniversary Event. The spotlight is on them during this entire anniversary event. Get both heroes and have them fight side by side to unleash their full potential.

Anora is a Summoner who summons Labor minions that deal AoE damage against opponents. Meanwhile, Ymiret is a strong fighter with a unique flying mechanic. Unable to block while flying, Ymiret compensates by having a bigger range and greater damage. When fighting together, Anora summons stronger Labor minions and Ymiret can turn into a dragon egg when fatally damaged.

Anora, the Silver Seraphim, will be available from June 27 – July 1 for Argent Summoning, while her paramour Ymiret, the Frostbourne Leviathan, will be available from June 29 – July 1 for Ancient Summoning. Anora will also be featured in a limited summoning event that guarantees her pull after 250 draws. Ymiret will also have a 15x increased rate in the lord summoning event.

Two more new legendary heroes will also be featured during the Watcher of Realms Anniversary Event. Lucius and Ares will be included in a Surprising Summoning Event with a double summoning rate for Legendary Heroes. For Lucius, Ares, and returning Legendary Hero Boreas, the rate is increased to 15x.

Special Summoning Events Let Players Catch Up During Watcher of Realms Anniversary Event

The Watcher of Realms Anniversary Event will also allow both new and returning players to catch up on content. With higher rates and guaranteed pulls, all players will come out of this event with better rosters overall.

Moonton revealed that several summoning events are coming as part of the 1st Anniversary Celebration: 

  • Players can summon Anora in a limited summoning event and are guaranteed to obtain her within 250 draws. 
  • In what promises to be the best and most exciting lord summoning event in 2024, players can take advantage of a 15x rate increase when summoning one of the most powerful lord heroes, Valderon, and the new hero Ymiret.  
  • A surprising summoning event with a double summoning rate for all legendary heroes, plus a 15x rate increase for three legendary heroes: the powerful mage Boreas, and two new heroes, Lucius and Ares.

New Skins for Your Legendary Heroes

Finally, players who already have powerful Legendary Heroes and maxed-out rosters still have good reasons to participate in the Watcher of Realms Anniversary Event.

Players will receive rare rewards for free throughout the Anniversary Event. 34 Summon Crystals can be obtained through daily login and 1st Anniversary quests. Five new skins will also be made available, three of which can be obtained through quests and arena store. Finally, players can also participate in fragment summon and fusion summon events to obtain legendary heroes Helga and Myca.

With a grand world and rich story, challenging boss battles, massive multiplayer PvP battles, and stunning visuals and sound design, Moonton calls Watcher of Realms a “Next-gen Fantasy RPG.” You can see this for yourself by jumping into the game during the first year anniversary event.

Watcher of Realms is available on PC as well as on mobile through the Google Play Store and the App Store.