What Ryan Tannehill's next contract with the Titans could look like
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What Ryan Tannehill’s next contract with the Titans could look like

The revitalization of Ryan Tannehill’s career with the Tennessee Titans has been one of the most intriguing storylines in the NFL this season. The veteran quarterback is undoubtedly playing the best football of his career in his seventh year in the league.

Since becoming the starting quarterback for the Titans in Week 7, Tannehill has been performing at an elite level. In his seven starts, Tannehill is completing 72.7 percent of his passes for 1,849 yards. In addition, he’s completed 15 touchdowns and only four interceptions.

Along with his passing numbers, Tannehill has added another 143 yards and three touchdowns with his legs. But above all, the 31-year-old quarterback has won six of his seven starts; putting the Titans in a position where they could make the playoffs.

Before Tannehill was named the starter, Marcus Mariota was under center for the first six weeks. As a result, Tennessee went 2-4 in that span and their playoff hopes were rapidly dwindling.

Due to Tannehill’s resurgence, the Titans have already expressed interest in making Tannehill their starting quarterback beyond the 2019 season. Given that information, what could Tannehill’s next contract with the Titans look like?

This past offseason, Tennessee signed Tannehill to a one-year, $2 million deal to become Mariota’s backup. Of course, he spent his first six seasons with the Miami Dolphins. It’s safe to say that the Titans won’t be able to re-sign Tannehill for a cheap price tag once again in 2020.

In today’s NFL, once you find a serviceable quarterback, it’s common to secure him to your roster with a favorable deal. Without a doubt, Tannehill has shown enough to believe that he could lead the Titans to where they want to go.

Therefore, barring an unforeseen rough stretch of games to end the season, Tennesee is going to reward Tannehill handsomely next offseason. The quarterback market continues to increase and Tannehill is going to reap the benefits of it.

Some people are going to point to Nick Foles’ deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a foundation of what Tannehill’s contract could look like. As a matter of fact, there’s a decent chance that the Texas A&M product commands more than Foles.

Before this season, Foles received a four-year, $88 million contract to join the Jaguars. As of this moment, Jacksonville is already having buyer’s remorse with Foles.

Considering that Tannehill is already 31-years-old, the Titans will be cautious with how they handle his next contract. In light of that, Tennessee could offer Tannehill a deal that keeps him with the franchise for three more years.

At the same time, the Titans will likely insert a potential out after the second season in the deal. By doing so, it would allow Tennessee to give themselves a contingency plan in the event that Tannehill doesn’t pan out in the future.

Over the course of three years, Tannehill could garner $75 million from the Titans. A three-year contract worth $75 million would make him the 10th highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. At least in terms of average salary.

Lastly, the sweetest part of the deal is going to come with Tannehill possibly getting the first two years guaranteed. Regardless of the exact numbers, Tannehill is going to see an impressive raise after the 2019 season concludes.