There are so many fan service battles that we want to see in life. We’ve already witnessed a few in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where our favorite heroes pitted against each other and there are those that never happened like WWE’s fantasy matchups. I’ve always wanted that Undertaker vs. Sting WrestleMania event. *sigh*

But Death Battle takes these clashes to the extreme. They don’t just select characters from the same category (e.g. video game vs. video game or anime vs. anime) as they look for similarities in terms of abilities and backstory and pit them against each other. The Flash didn’t just go against his Marvel copycat, Quicksilver, as he even fought his video game counterpart, Sonic the Hedgehog. Obi Wan Kenobi even traversed the Naruto universe to battle Kakashi.

What’s even more satisfying is the way they conduct their battles. It’s not your simple hit combo animations as the abilities of these characters are taken to the extreme. You’ll be surprised to see Batman ripped apart by…whoops spoilers.

Given Genshin Impact’s popularity, perhaps it’s time for Wiz and Boomstick to include the characters in their upcoming episodes. Here are some of our suggestions.


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It’s Gotham’s Dark Knight vs. Mondstadt’s Darknight Hero. Two business tycoons who became vigilantes after witnessing a tragic event.

They also share that serious and aloof personality that draws some heated exchanges with their acquaintances. Both the members of the Justice League and the Knights of Favonius have questioned their methods but they also respect them for their efforts in saving the world.

Besides their backstory, their approach in combat are similar as both are known strategists. It was Batman who solved every contraption from the Joker and it was Diluc who did the same against the Abyss Order.

And amid their lone wolf persona, both value the importance of allies. Batman wouldn’t be able to deal with his enemies if it weren’t for the members of the Bat family and the Justice League and the same applies with Diluc who wouldn’t be able to save Mondstadt without the efforts of the Knights and the Traveler.

Even their sidekicks share some resemblances as both Dick Grayson and Jean were trained to follow their footsteps and usurp them. Grayson eventually became his own hero in Nightwing and the same applies with Jean when she became the acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. It would be fun to see these two individuals interfere in their clash similar to what happened between Dante and Bayonetta.

Given their brooding façade, seeing them smile is a weird and cringe inducing experience. You might laugh seeing Val Kilmer’s Batman with a grin after kissing Nicole Kidman and the same applies in forcing Diluc to smile in front of the cameras.




Two men obsessed with furries are now geared for a clash. Their purple colored attacks would swarm the battlefield, leaving your eyes dazed with Barney the Dinosaur’s image stuck in your head. They even boast a fighting style that would encourage them to go beyond their sense of sight. Razor has a heightened sense of smell due to his feral status while the Wolf Ranger was trained to fight blindly.

Imagine what would’ve happened if both their senses of sight were taken away.

And not even a group of foes could annihilate them as Razor’s abilities offer an area-of-effect damage while Wolf Ranger’s martial arts skills can pummel a horde of enemies.

There might be a key factor in this matchup. Razor’s animation reveals that he struggles to carry the weight of his claymore, which might be problematic against Wolf Ranger’s speed. At some points, the Wolf Ranger could unleash the full extent of his animal form which might grant him some additional abilities. Is Razor’s Elemental Burst and his experience dealing with Ruin Guards be enough to deal with it?

He might be forced to summon the hounds of Wolvendom for assistance and maybe the entire Knights of Favonius. But the Wolf Ranger could even the battlefield with the Jungle Fury Rangers. Oh wait Andrius might interfere and bless Razor with more artifacts.

I’m curious on how these two individuals will exchange their banter though. Razor might say, “Ugly wolf man!” to which the Wolf Ranger responds by throwing pizza on his face.



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Cat ears, cat ears, and more cat ears! Two sword wielding maestros with outspoken and serious personalities, which rubbed some of their acquaintances the wrong way. Blake is never afraid to throw some shade to the Schnee Dust Company and the same goes with Keqing who would constantly criticize the gods of Liyue. The questions is, who is the better duelist?

That could be difficult to decide since both have lightning quick reflexes and agility. Their weapons however have varying effects as Blake can dual-wield both the sword and the sheath. She could even transform her weapon to a firearm. Keqing can only use a sword.

This could be problematic for Keqing right? Well she can summon her stiletto to close the gap and she could temporarily disappear in battle based on her normal attack animation.

But Blake has shadow clones maybe those can work? Well Keqing’s Elemental Burst could rip those to shreds and to make matters worse, she gains immunity for using it.

Can Blake’s grappling hook do the thing? Well that’s up for Keqing to figure out.

Overall the battle between these two could throw a flurry of slashes that might break your monitor. Be sure to save some cash to buy a new one.



The Traveler vs. The Avatar.

Being able to manipulate a plethora of elements will transform you into a literal god. Just ask these four characters in this battle. As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and these individuals were given the burdensome task of saving their worlds. Well except for the other half of your sibling in Genshin Impact.

Hydro, cryo, pyro, dendro, electro, anemo, and geo. Damn that’s a lot of elements.

Waterbending, healing, spiritbending, earthbending, metalbending, firebending, airbending, energybending. Oof, now that sounds like a killer. I haven’t even mentioned their physical abilities and their gliding skills as well.

Some of you might argue that the Avatar has the edge given their abilities to interact with spirits, but this could be too early to tell since we haven’t yet unraveled the full extent of the Traveler’s abilities. If the Traveler could beat Dvalin and Tartaglia without the other elements, what more could you expect?

Regardless of what happens this encounter will be a mumbo jumbo of elemental synergies that will surely cause a worldwide catastrophe. Fans of these pop culture phenomenons might not be able to contain their excitement and MiHoYo might be forced to hasten their updates to make this happen.

Oh wait they might want to delay the story so that they could abuse our debit cards.



“Are you ready for some playtime with Klee?” says the strongest fighter in Mondstadt.

“I’M DRUNK!” replies the Scottish eye-patched Mercenary.

Oh boy this is going to be fun. Two individuals with a reckless obsession for explosives have now entered DEATH BATTLE!

Wait a minute this might not be ideal for the creators since they might be forced to delete the video due to loli violence. So maybe they’ll save this as an April Fool’s episode.

These two could actually join forces in combating Osial, the underwater monstrosity in Genshin Impact. Klee is known for using explosives against fishes. This will definitely be a monumental step-up. The Demoman has always dreamt of killing a Loch Ness Monster and this could be his chance to sing a new song of victory.

Perhaps the following dialogue could serve as the ending for the video.

“JUMPY DUMPTY!” says Klee.

“KABOOOM! FREEEEDOMMMMM!!!” screams the Demoman.

“Master Demoman is the best because unlike Master Jean, he’s more fun to play with! He even taught me how to be a killer!” says Klee.

Ok that sounded dark. I’m not sure if that sounded cute. Maybe these two aren’t really meant for a Death Battle encounter. I’ll leave that to Wiz and Boomstick to decide.