Bob Odenkirk discussed the recent high-profile Breaking Bad reunion at the 2024 SAG Awards on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, and had a pretty surprising take on his inclusion in the proceedings.

Odenkirk admitted he “felt like a guest” to be there on stage with the rest of the Breaking Bad cast, a shocking admission considering his fan-favorite status for playing the smarmy yet empathetic lawyer Saul Goodman (who went on to get his own critically praised spinoff Better Call Saul).

In explaining his rationale, Odenkirk reminded viewers that he was not on the show from its opening season. Rather, the character of Saul Goodman was introduced in season two. “The truth is,” explained Odenkirk, “they established that show, and everything about it — the tone, and the integrity of the work — before I ever showed up.”

Maybe so but Odenkirk sure helped elevate the series to new heights and provided some much-needed levity to the gritty drug drama in his numerous appearances. Kimmel followed up with Odenkirk, questioning whether the actor really felt like a guest for the entire run of the Breaking Bad series.

“Maybe towards the end I felt more part of the show,” Odenkirk relented.

Odenkirk stressed that he felt like his cast mates were very good to include him in the reunion since “I really was popping in. I felt very much like a guest in their company.”

It was a surprising personal reveal from the legendary comedic (turned occasionally dramatic) actor Bob Odenkirk, who feels as much a part of the Breaking Bad universe as anyone to hardcore fans. Perhaps that humbleness is what makes Odenkirk such a fan-favorite actor in whatever role he tackles.