Why keeping Jimmy Graham another season was the right decision by the Packers
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Why keeping Jimmy Graham another season was the right decision by the Packers

Jimmy Graham

The Green Bay Packers last season fired their longtime head coach Mike McCarthy. His relationship with Aaron Rodgers and the front office had grown tired of his lack of results over the past few years.

So, the Packers decided to shake things up and bring in former Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur. LaFleur spent time under Sean McVay during his first season with the Los Angeles Rams. The Titans hired him away as their OC just this past season.

Before that, LeFleur had spent time with the Washington Redskins on McVay’s staff. He then coached at Notre Dame under Chip Kelly for one year and then Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons for two years longer.

LaFleur has always had a reputation for being a special quarterbacks coach. His work over the years has proven that he can take quarterbacks and mold them into successful winners.

That’s exactly what the Packers are looking for in LaFleur. He brings a modernized offensive system to Green Bay, something that Aaron Rodgers sorley needs. Over the past few years, Rodgers would constantly audible out of McCarthy’s play calls. Now Rodgers is set up for success.

The offense LaFleur is bringing to Green Bay is West Coast-based but brings his own twist. There’s a lot of disguises. It infuses pre-snap movement. There are a lot of different formations and has option-routes and zone read-runs. There are plenty of concepts all slapped into one playbook.

Rodgers will no longer have to rely on his scrambling or freelance ability. By spreading the field and confusing the defenses even further, it will allow Rodgers’ career to further progress without worry of injury.

With the Packers choosing to keep Jimmy Graham around, it gives LaFleur and Rodgers a weapon that can finally be fully utilized. Graham hasn’t been used properly since his time in New Orleans with Sean Payton and Drew Brees.

If Graham is able to get a good share of targets, open looks, and great matchups downfield, the Packers could have one of the most dangerous throwing options in the league. Graham can jump over nearly anyone. Giving LaFleur this kind of weapon is like putting a kid in a candy store. He will definitely be a vital part of the offense.