The Dallas Wings have high expectations for the 2024 WNBA season. Dallas is dealing with some injury trouble, but they still feature enough potential to make noise during the '24 campaign. Maddy Siegrist, who is currently in her second season with the Wings, has an opportunity to have a breakout performance in 2024.

Siegrist is certainly a player to watch. She is able to contribute on both ends of the floor. She was a first-round pick in the 2023 WNBA Draft, so Dallas clearly believes in her ability.

Siegrist recently took some time for an exclusive interview with ClutchPoints. She discussed a number of topics including the Wings' 2024 outlook, her personal goals, and other young stars in the WNBA such as Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese.

Without further ado, here is the Maddy Siegrist-ClutchPoints interview.

*This interview has been lightly edited for clarity

Joey Mistretta: I want to start by going back to the Villanova days. What did you learn the most from playing in college?

Maddy Siegrist: Definitely how important it is to move without the ball. I think playing in a motion… was great for me. I think that's something I try to carry with me in the W as well. Just try to move without the ball.

Siegrist addresses pressure of being a first-round draft pick

Maddy Siegrist poses for a photo with WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert after being drafted third overall by the Dallas Wings during WNBA Draft 2023 at Spring Studio.
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Mistretta: Obviously you were an exciting draft pick, first round and everything. How did you handle the pressure, because I couldn't imagine, of being a first-round draft pick. How did you handle that pressure?

Maddy Siegrist: Just realizing pressure is a privilege. There's games where it feels like it's a lot. But you try to practice gratitude and realize there's so many people around me who are rooting for me. So I think having a great support system around you is really important.

Joey Mistretta: Speaking of people rooting for you, the (Wings) fans in the Dallas and Arlington area, they have really had your back I think. How have you enjoyed playing in this area so far?

Maddy Siegrist: It's been great. I mean, I was only in Dallas one time before I got drafted… To be able to be in this city, it's just such a growing area. Everyone has been so welcoming. I really like it. It's not too far from home. I feel like there's always a million flights coming in and out of Dallas which definitely helps with my family being able to come out a lot.

Joey Mistretta: Speaking of that, what does it mean to have the Dallas Mavericks support the Wings? They have really been vocal in their support to start your season.

Maddy Siegrist: I think that's great. Our whole team was at the Mavs game last week, cheering for them. We're going to to continue to cheer for them. It's great when they come out to games, show their support. Extremely grateful for that.

Joey Mistretta: I wanted to ask about one of your team's rising stars in Arike (Ogunbowale)… I say rising stars but really she's been a star for a while. I think she's underrated. What is it like having her as a teammate and do you consider her to be underrated?

Maddy Siegrist: I mean, for me I feel like I know how great… I see it everyday. So I know (how great she is). But I definitely think she's underrated. She's just a great player. To have somebody like that so early in my career, to be able to play with somebody like that is huge. What she's able to do for our team, this program, women's basketball in general… It's just great to have somebody like that. And she's a great leader. She's extremely vocal and so encouraging to me and the rest of the team, which I think speaks volumes about her.

Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, young WNBA stars making impact

Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark pose for photos before the 2024 WNBA Draft at Brooklyn Academy of Music.
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Joey Mistretta: I'm sure you've talked enough about Caitlin Clark at this point. So I want to ask you just about the young WNBA stars in general. I know you have a lot on your team including yourself, Jacy (Sheldon). Then of course, Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese… What do you think about these young players coming in and just drawing all this new attention to the league?

Maddy Siegrist: I think it's so exciting. The game is continuing to grow and there's more eyes on the WNBA than there's ever been which I think is exactly how it should be. There's so many players, you know, we wouldn't be in the position we are today without them, all the players of the past. To be able to play in (March Madness) last year and so much buzz (around it), and then see this year and it continuing into the W season, it's great. I think all the young stars… It's awesome to have that support. You might come to watch somebody and then become a fan of the game or a fan of another player or another team. So I think that's great to grow our game.

Joey Mistretta: I asked you what you learned the most playing in college. Now that you've been in the WNBA for a little bit, what do yo think you've learned the most since joining the league?

Maddy Siegrist: Definitely patience, never too high, never too low. I think that most successful pros have like a routine they are really consistent with. I think consistency is huge at this level, whether it's your shooting routine, off-day routine, whatever it is. Just be consistent when you're playing at your best and when you're playing at your worst. I think that's definitely something I've learned from the vets around me.

Maddy Siegrist's personal goals for 2024 season with Wings

Dallas Wings forward Maddy Siegrist (20) scores over Chicago Sky guard Dana Evans (11) during the second half at College Park Center.
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Joey Mistretta: Being in the media world, I know you're kind of listed as one of the players to watch this season on the Wings. What are your personal goals for this 2024 WNBA season?

Maddy Siegrist: Just continue to be a spark for my team. Whether that's starting or coming off the bench. I think the role is going to continue to change more throughout the year. But be a spark on both sides of the ball. Just continue to have confidence in myself and my ability, but my teammates as well. I wouldn't be in the position I am this year without as much I had to learn last year, so I think I'm just fortunate and really grateful.

Joey Mistretta: Do you feel, I don't want to say extra pressure… but I guess to an extent, to kind of step up amid the injuries that the team is dealing with right now?

Maddy Siegrist: Yes and no. Our team has done such a great job of really coming together through the adversity and knowing that every night is a battle. Every game is a battle. So just trying to take it one game at a time, not look too far ahead and not focus on the players we don't have but what we do have. How to take advantage of our strengths right now as a group.

Wings' playoff chances

Dallas Wings guard Arike Ogunbowale (24) celebrates with Dallas Wings forward Natasha Howard (6) and Dallas Wings forward Maddy Siegrist (20) during the second half against the Chicago Sky at College Park Center.
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Joey Mistretta: I just have one more question for you. The Wings, like I said, there have been some injuries. But you made the playoffs last year… What is your confidence level in this team to make not just a playoff run but a potentially deep playoff run?

Maddy Siegrist: I'm extremely confident in this team. We have a good mix of young players and players that have done this for a long time. So I think when you have that… the better you're gonna get. You rely on your vets that have done this for so long. We have a good combo of both which makes it really exciting and hopefully we're playing our best basketball in September, October.