Although most of the NBA is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there are still some players who refuse to get the jab. It appears Washington Wizards superstar Bradley Beal is in fact one of them.

Beal already missed out on capturing a gold medal with Team USA because he tested positive and still, he doesn’t believe in the vaccine:

The Wizards star also called out people who are still getting covid even with the vaccine:

Wow. Quite the hot take from Beal. But in all honesty, this decision could turn out to hurt the Wizards if he missed a chunk of games because he didn’t get vaccinated. This comes just days after it was revealed that Kyrie Irving isn’t vaxxed either, which means he would miss Nets home games due to New York’s COVID-19 mandates.

Beal is obviously extremely important to the Wizards and we can only hope he smartens up and gets the vaccine. The fate of this team is on his shoulders, despite the additions they brought in this summer.

As for COVID-19, there are definitely people still getting infected by the Delta Variant, but the chances are much lower if you have both doses. Nevertheless, there are lots of doubters, including Bradley Beal.