Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry has been the butt of jokes when he had nothing to do with what happened.

What he did do was simply walk to the bench to sit down for the night, because the Warriors were blowing out the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

A very unsuspecting cameraman got a shot of him from a back angle, which exposed some of the crowd.

In the crowd was a mystery woman, who watched Steph walk to the bench giving him a seductive look. If Curry wasn’t aware of it at the time, he should be by now after it blew up on social media.

That particular woman was found to be a fan and model named Roni Rose who regularly attends sports games in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She noticed the picture as well, and claimed the look was to give the team “a little motivation.”

No word on if Ayesha Curry has sent a team of attack dogs to look for Rose, but Steph has received plenty of jokes on the internet because of it.

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