Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has found himself at the center of a growing storm after his actions at the 2023 Women's World Cup final, reported by Rubiales has been labeled a “madman” by Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, in a scathing statement that adds further fuel to the controversy surrounding Rubiales' behavior.

The incident in question involves Rubiales grabbing and kissing Jennifer Hermoso, a player on the Spanish women's national team, following their World Cup final victory over England. This action has drawn widespread condemnation from various corners of the footballing world, including the Lionesses, England's women's team, who were the beaten finalists in the tournament.

The Spanish government has launched an investigation into Rubiales' conduct, and now La Liga's president, Tebas, has taken a strong stance against him. In a statement posted on X, previously known as Twitter, Tebas criticized Rubiales for his behavior and accused him of tarnishing the dignity of Spain.

Tebas wrote, “It is unworthy to coerce the players of the National Team and focus on them or on their reaction. They are not guilty of the image of Spain given by Rubiales. No opportunism or political hypocrisy justifies that the image of Spain has been represented by a madman touching his genitals, forcing kisses, carrying players like a sack and touching (Hermoso) inappropriately at such an important moment.”

Javier Tebas' comments highlight the gravity of the situation and emphasize that the issue transcends political lines. The incident has not only drawn attention to Rubiales' actions but also sparked a broader discussion about the impact of such behavior on the image of Spain as a whole.

As the investigation continues and the fallout from Luis Rubiales' actions intensifies, the sport and the country grapple with the implications of the incident and its repercussions on the national football administration.